Another day, another Labour Hire Registration Scheme is being mooted

Authored By Ms Julie Mills

APSCo’s L20 Network Members met in Melbourne this week with APSCo Australia Managing Director Julie Mills and APSCo Global CEO Ann Swain to discuss a range of issues including the need for greater clarity and understanding of the modern workforce, locally and globally, and, more importantly the overarching generic labour hire conversation and the bigger licensing picture.

With some strong new messages to take forward, APSCo was on the money with this agenda as we woke the following morning to another Taskforce Report and surprise, surprise – another Labour Hire Registration Scheme is being mooted. 

This is a fast moving conversation. The recommendations from the Federal Government’s response to the Migrant Workers’ Taskforce report to establish a national labour hire scheme suggests when taken in full, there is a growing awareness of the layers of labour hire/contracting. APSCo will review and make an official comment, but is the first time there has been evidence that the approach is not a catch all model. It also does not read as licensing – but as always, the devil is in the detail. Download the Migrant Workers’ Taskforce Report here

From the Government's response report

"The Government will finalise and introduce a model, in consultation with stakeholders, for a National Labour Hire Registration Scheme that will reduce worker exploitation, improve accountability, provide greater transparency and drive behavioural change among labour hire operators in high-risk sectors, without causing major disruption to the entire labour hire industry.” Download the Government's response here

The Victorian Labour Hire Licensing Authority has also segmented its information sessions for sectors of the market. While we're not reading too much into this just yet, there may be a beam of light at the end of this very long tunnel. For more information on the information sessions, click here.