ACT introduces labour hire licensing legislation

Authored By Carly Fordred

The ACT Government has introduced legislation into its Assembly for a labour hire licensing scheme in the ACT.  Under the ACT scheme, labour hire providers will need to apply for a licence, meet a ‘suitable person’ test and demonstrate a history of ongoing compliance with industry standards and workplace laws.  The scheme is anticipated to commence in 2021, with a 6-month transition period beginning in January 2021 for labour hire providers to apply for a licence.

In an official communication, ACT Minister for Employment and Workplace Safety, Suzanne Orr said, “A labour hire licensing scheme will ensure the rights and conditions of labour hire workers in the ACT are upheld with new penalties to apply to providers who do the wrong thing." 

“Recent inquiries across the country, including here in the ACT, have highlighted the vulnerability of labour hire workers to poor treatment at work. In response to these unacceptable practices, the Government is today delivering better protection for these workers.

“The ACT Government is committed to strengthening protections for working Canberrans which is why the ACT’s scheme will have broad and comprehensive coverage,” concluded Minister Orr. 

What you need to know

APSCo Australia will continue to monitor the ACT scheme and keep members informed as the legislation progresses.  Should you wish to discuss any concerns or queries your business has with this legislation, please contact APSCo Australia Managing Director, Lesley Horsburgh