With the introduction of the casual conversion clause into all Modern Awards, and some recent court rulings which have focussed on the "essence of casualness” and  the "totality test", APSCo Australia has updated its Guides, Contract Templates, Readings, Webinars and Advice Line providers to ensure Members have access to the latest information and support available. Underpinning all materials is the Definitions Matrix which is the core reference in understanding the language established by APSCo to define models of talent engagement.


Access the following service providers for specific needs and download the resources to ensure your processes and documentation mirror best practice.

1.  APSCo Assists Advice line provider Employsure has qualified advisers available to assist with any Modern Awards and casual worker queries. Members can get contact details and their unique code here. Employsure also provides a wages check and review against Modern Awards as a free business health check program for APSCo Members.

2.  Use the APSCo Assure program iEngage to undertake a review of all your talent engagement procedures and documentation