Partnering with a Member

The Association's Full Member companies and candidates provide to their clients the benefits of highly experienced contract and recruitment professionals with knowledge of their specialised professional sector in the supply and/or management of talent. ICT is the predominant area of representation but Members also now include companies with expertise in accounting, banking, finance, professional services, contract management, information management, architecture, digital marketing, engineering and executive positions. Each Member company, and their consultants, has a thorough understanding of ethical recruitment and quality candidate selection as well as access to Association supported compliance best practice tools.

Members are also committed to a stringent Code of Conduct, which stipulates that Members must represent the best interests of their clients by acting as an effective extension of their contract and recruitment function while representing their candidates honestly and respectfully.

By partnering with a Member company you can be assured you are working with a contract and recruitment organisation that has been assessed against business benchmarks to be admitted to the Association, is monitored against best practice compliance at all levels of legislation and regulation, is informed and current in their market knowledge and has made a commitment to professionalism in contract and recruitment supply and management.

See our Members Directory for a full list and contact details of current Members

  • Interactive Manpower Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • APostive Cashflow
  • VicSuper 1
  • Intech Bank
  • VicSuper 2