Becoming a Member

ITCRA (Information Technology Contract and Recruitment Association Ltd) has now merged with APSCo (Association of Professional Staffing Companies) Global to represent contract and recruitment organisations, consultants and suppliers in the professional staffing sector of Australia. The Association’s core principles are:

  • Market education through advocacy and public policy discussion.
  • Research and industry benchmarking
  • Maintenance of business and professional standards
  • Products and services to support the contract and recruitment sector

The Association acts to influence the conduct of all Members and the industry at large, through its business, professional and best practice programs. The Association is a company limited by guarantee and all Membership categories are respondent to the Code of Conduct, Rules, Guidelines and a Constitution which governs and, as required, sanctions Members.

Full Membership is open to Australian companies who actively participate in the supply/management of professional talent in the contract and recruitment sector– this includes RPO, MSP, CMC’s and, internal recruitment teams.

Affiliate Membership is available to companies and individuals that supply products and services to Full Members and the contract and recruitment sector generally.

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