Applying for Membership

1. The information collected is for use in considering your application and creation of your Membership Directory, as appropriate.
2. It is a condition of Membership that you make a commitment to abide by the Association’s Constitution, Rules, and Code of Conduct.
3. The Membership Application requires the company to provide contact information for a Company Representative.  This person is the primary contact person for your Membership and, where appropriate has the voting rights.

Membership Application Process

1. Create an account with APSCo Australia for invoice and contact purposes

2. Respond to the email to reset your password

3. Log in and go to My Portal and complete each level of information required

What happens next?

Once your online application has been submitted and reviewed, a member of our team will be in contact to discuss the appropriate Membership options, pricing and included benefits to suit your business needs.

Recruitment Professional
Full Membership