APSCo Australia Affiliate Membership is available to Australian and international companies that supply products and services to organisations in the professional staffing sector.

APSCo Australia acknowledges the importance that stakeholders and suppliers play in the growth and support of the professional staffing sector. Affiliate Membership has been established to recognise  this value and, more importantly, to provide opportunities for introductions and profile to potential clients.

Only Affiliate Members of the Association are invited to sponsor events and programs and advertise on the website. 

Applying for Membership

1. The information collected is for use of the Membership Review Panel and for the Membership Directory, as appropriate.
2. It is a condition of Membership that you make a commitment to abide by the Association’s Constitution, Rules, and Code of Conduct.
3. The Membership Application requires the company to provide contact information for a Company Representative.  This person is the primary contact person for your Membership.

Membership Application Process

The Membership Application requires you to complete a number of steps:


1. Create an account with APSCo Australia for invoice and contact purposes

2. Respond to the email to reset your password

3. Log in and go to My Portal and complete each level of information required;

Personal information including duties and contact information

Business details capturing key information as well as other locations, brands and specialisms.

Contact information for the Company Representative



At this stage you have completed your Membership Application. Well done!


What happens next?

Once you have completed the application process the APSCo Membership Review Committee will review your application and the APSCo Australia Marketing and Communications Manager will make contact to discuss profiling and sponsorship opportunities. 

Affiliate Membership