Why your company should join APSCo in Australia

APSCo is the only Membership body dedicated to supporting the professional staffing sector, backed with a strong service offering and an increasing global reach.


APSCo Australia is the recognised authority for professional staffing & recruitment companies, supporting Members to unlock the potential of the modern workforce.


In 2016 Australia joined the UK, Germany and Singapore as part of the network of Associations that form APSCo Global to provide Members with a distinct international brand and an Association that profiles quality businesses, works to support business development and assists in achieving business objectives.


The growing international profile, business support, specialised events, focussed professional development and structured networks ensures Membership of APSCo in Australia provides your business with a key partner in business compliance and success.


APSCo in Australia is also an increasingly recognised badge of quality to Governments, regulators, candidates, contractors and clients


The Membership program provides structured, customised packages to support and influence the development and growth of successful businesses and drive competitive advantage.


Membership packages are continuously developing, according to Member needs, and ensures APSCo Australia is always working to support business at every stage of its evolution.


APSCo Australia welcomes businesses in the following professional staffing specialisms:


There are two classes of Membership - Full and Affiliate - structured to support business needs.

Full Membership of APSCo Australia is available to companies who recruit and/or manage professional talent. The Business Verification Review, which underpins the Membership application process, demonstrates your company is committed to business and professional standards reinforced through the Code of Conduct and  the Talent Engagement Standard benchmark. APSCo provides Member companies with an innovative range of services and programs by specialists in the field of expertise. These services, combined with APSCo’s growing international profile, popular range of recruitment events, accreditation programs for companies and individuals and comprehensive compliance resources gives APSCo Members in Australia a unique opportunity to grow successful businesses and gain competitive advantage.

Affiliate Membership of APSCo Australia provides suppliers and service providers with opportunities to build their profile grow their network and increase business growth across the professional staffing sector. APSCo Australia Affiliate Membership, through our Business Verification Review, demonstrates your company is a best practice provider. Affiliate Members have the opportunity to be actively engaged in all APSCo events, have access and input into leading market research we publish and support key programs and products through resource and sponsorship support.


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