APSCo Australia Members have access to a broad range of established benefits to support all aspects of their business. 

The heart of an Association comes from the strength of Members and Partners to strive toward a common goal.

APSCo Australia is proud of every relationship we have and the success that is seen from Member engagement and Partner support. Becoming a Member of APSCo brings your company, not only a global badge of quality and recognition, but also an established network of highly regarded companies with the same goals as yours.

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Member Support

APSCo Advice Line

The APSCo Advice Line is our 'Signature Benefit', with highly regarded providers ready to provide you with up to 30 minutes of free advice by phone or email when it is most needed.

Member Resource Library

The APSCo Resource Library is constantly growing. You will find resources for free download, or for a reduced cost, ranging from guides and checklists, to templates and webinar recordings.

COVID-19 Resource Hub

To assist Our Members with the new norm as we start our journey out of COVID-19 lockdown, a dedicated resource hub is available. The hub includes, Updates, Webinars, Advice, Resources and more.

Advocacy and Lobbying

In a rapidly changing legislative landscape, it is important that APSCo Members have the reassurance of a strong voice for the industry. Our commitment to lobbying and advocacy on behalf of our Members has seen us build strong relationships within Government and a vehicle for members to be heard.


Member Alerts

Priority updates and changes are sent directly to Member inboxes as Member Alerts as soon as the information is at hand. Once sent the message is then published as Member only content in the APSCo Australia Latest News Feed.

Latest News

Our Latest News Feed will keep you up to date with all of the updates and messages and can be customised inside your Member Portal to show what is most relevant to you.


'Recruitment Down Under' 

APSCo Australia's very own Podcast Channel, launched in 2020 to rave reviews and is now available to stream on both Apple Music and Spotify. 

New podcasts are published for your hearing pleasure on a monthly basis and by demand.


Professional Development

Recruitment Professional Certification

The APSCo Australia Recruitment Professional Certification launched in 2017 and has become a knowledge baseline for many Member companies. With more and more students enrolling every week and constantly evolving content, the credibility and professional profile that comes from being a Certified Recruitment Professional is a defined advantage in today's competitive market.


Member Events

APSCo Australia's event calendar sets the agenda for our Members on how they obtain information and updates. Events in early 2020 have continued strong by adapting to online formats. The upcoming events page provides registration for webinars, forums and premium events, all at a reduced cost to Members and guests.

Events during Lockdown

All Member events during the COVID-19 isolation period have been recorded and can be downloaded at any time from our Webinar Recordings page.

Awards for Excellence

APSCo Australia Awards for Excellence

The Annual APSCo Australia Awards for Excellence recognise individuals and organisations who demonstrate and support the professional standards that APSCo Australia embodies.The Awards are open to both individuals and Member companies including Affiliates. The Awards are a global indicator of professional standards and personal achievement and, as such, are widely recognised by clients and Government as well as industry peers.


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