APSCo branding, profiling and marketing support


APSCo Australia Full and Affiliate Members have access to opportunities to use the Association’s recognised global brand to market and profile their company to the market and, in particular, clients, Government, regulators, candidates and competitors. The profiling materials send a strong message and ensure your business is front of mid when decisions are being made. Using the APSCo our brand you are both an ambassador for APSCo in Australia and globally while promoting your company’s commitment to the Association of choice for professional staffing and recruitment companies and suppliers.


Online Business Directory Listing

The online Directory, referred to as the Member Directory, is an open access search engine which profiles all APSCo Australia Members, Full and Affiliate. The profile listing includes Member company specialisms, products and services to customers, candidates, Government departments and regulators – in Australia and across the APSCo Global network.

Membership logo and Certificate

APSCo Australia Members have access to logos and certificates to profile their Association Membership, demonstrating their commitment to business best practice. The APSCo Australia logo is a globally recognised badge of quality. APSCo Australia Members are encouraged to promote their commitment to, and support of, the Association and the sector by referring to their Membership and using the logo on websites, business cards, social media profiles or communications and in tenders. A range of APSCo Australia logos including Affiliate Member and Certified Recruitment Professional are available.

Latest News media mentions

If you have a significant event, a recognition or achievement or a business or personnel change, we would love to share your news in our Latest News APSCo Australia's which provides daily updates on news and developments that may impact Members. Latest News items are posted as they occur and are then revisited in our fortnightly APSCo Round Up newsletters. Media Releases received from Members will be listed as Latest News so add melissa@apscoau.org to your media list. 

Social Media Platforms

APSCo Australia operates profiles across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our messages are frequently supported by social media posts with Linked In and Twitter being updated at least once per business day. Any posts involving Members will include a tag to the Members profile where accessible. If you would like APSCo Australia to support your messages, just tag us and we will happily share them for you. In reverse, if we mention your business, we would appreciate you sharing the post on our behalf. Connect with APSCo Australia and start tagging and sharing.

APSCo Awards for Excellence

The APSCo Australia Awards for Excellence are part of APSCo’s global awards program, celebrated across the United Kingdom and Germany and are committed to identifying, promoting and celebrating best practice and excellence in the recruitment and professional staffing sector.  The Awards are open to Member companies, including Affiliates. The Awards are a global indicator of professional standards and personal achievement and, as such, are widely recognised by clients and Government as well as industry peers.

Digital marketing toolkit

APSCo Australia is releasing a toolkit of digital assets that Members can use to promote their Membership of APSCo to clients, candidates and other stakeholders. The toolkit includes downloadable: email signatures, banners, footers and a promotional flyer. These tools focus on important messages that will help you differentiate yourself in the competitive recruitment market place. Download here