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Social Talent is an Irish start-up that have quickly become the leading provider of online and social media training to the recruitment and staffing industry worldwide. Since 2010, the Social Talent team have been changing the way organisations identify talent globally by translating technology and educating recruiters through their exclusive online platform.

So far they've turned nearly 15,000 recruiters from companies like Microsoft, Intel, GE, Manpower, Randstad and Adecco into Sourcing Ninjas. The company's platform is used in over 90 countries by more than 1,000 companies.


Their SaaS, enterprise scale platform pools from a bank of over 50 hours of expert learning in sourcing, candidate attraction, recruiting, diversity & inclusion, assessment and tech recruiting to ensure that your sourcers, recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers are world class.

Black Belt in Internet Recruitment
Short “micro-learning” videos teach users how to write better job ads, find candidates no-one else can find, brand themselves online, build a sustainable network and better engage with talent across multiple platforms.

Advanced Black Belt in Internet Recruitment
Dive into the world of expert sourcing through our Advanced Black Belt in Internet Recruitment. We teach you how to source for strategic impact, mine for data across LinkedIn and Indeed, expertly source through google and we will share our most advanced sourcing techniques.

Black Belt in Diversity & Inclusion
In our Diversity Ninja programme Clare Mulligan, Occupational Psychologist discusses unconscious bias and takes you through the why and how of diversity hiring; Torin Ellis, Diversity Recruiting Expert and thought leader, lends his extensive expertise in how we can make our organisations more inclusive; whilst Johnny Campbell, Chief Sourcing Ninja at Social Talent, provides you with the key sourcing skills to attract and source diverse talent.

Black Belt in Tech Recruiting
Do you know your front end from your back end development? Would you be able to explain the difference between SaaS, laaS and PaaS? If you’re looking for and speaking to developers on a daily basis it’s good to know what you’re talking about! In our Tech Ninja programme, Ayub Shaikh, MD of Holistica Consulting Ltd. and author of ‘The IT Recruitment Survival Guide’ teaches you everything you need to better understand, assess and evaluate tech candidates.

Predicting Success: Black Belt in Interviewing
In our Predicting Success: Black Belt in Interviewing programme we go beyond behavioural interviewing 101 and teach you to focus not just on whether or not the candidate is a good cultural fit, but also whether they’ll meet your hiring bar and if they can deliver at the level you expect. You can’t do all of this with traditional “tell me about a time” questions, and you certainly can’t do it by counting years of experience or looking at pedigree to predict capabilities. But you can do it with the practical takeaways you’ll get from this programme.

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