The Awards undergo a rigorous assessment process led by a panel of independent judges who are appointed to judge and a agree a winner for each category. 


Entry Criteria

Each entry will be judged on the information provided in the Category Entry Form. Entries which have not been correctly submitted that do not meet the criteria will be rejected.


The judges will be looking for the following:-

    •  How well-written, structured and presented is the case? Clear, concise entries will deliver a stronger message.

    •  Be specific, relevant and answer the question as accurately as possible.

    •  Provide evidence.

    •  Strictly adhere to word count. Entries will not be considered if they exceed word limits.

    •  Tell us how and where the results made a difference for the audience and the client

    •  Identify who did what between client and agency – roles and responsibilities

    •  Once you have written your entry, let a colleague who knows nothing about the initiative read it. If they don’t understand something, then neither will the judges!