Under legislation in Australia and New Zealand, organisations have a responsibility for the health and safety for all of their employees and contractors (workers).  Where more than one organisation is involved, each PCBU shares a duty of care.  This can occur where an organisation (on-hire Firm) engages a worker to work at the site of their client (Host Client).   Some situations can become quite complex with various PCBUs involved such as recruiters and on-hire agencies, host clients, contracting companies, contractor management organisations, payroll service providers, professional services & managed solution providers. 

The underlying principle is that all parties involved in the workplace should work together to protect workers and others from harm in the workplace.

Details of the legislation can be found:

Australia: Model Workplace Health and Safety Act, 2009   

New Zealand:  Health and Safety at Work Act, 2015


WHS Risk Management Support Program - iSafe

iSafe WHS Risk Management Program aims to deliver a range of services to support a unique collaboration between professional staffing companies and their clients to deliver a quality safety benchmark at all times. The iSafe Program was established in Australia in 2012 to provide Members of  APSCo Australia with a convenient and reliable way to meet their legal obligations under the WHS legislation in relation to their on-hired workers. One visit is conducted by qualified and experienced safety professionals, and the assessment report is shared with all those in the Program. The Program has been extremely successful.  More than 4,000 iSafe reports have been written for 1,000+ clients around Australia and New Zealand. 



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iSafe WHS Risk Management