New Annual Professional Staffing Trends Review 2016

ITCRA is proud to announce the launch of its Professional Staffing Trends Annual Review in August 2016.

Building on the ICT Employment Trends Report which is always in high demand, this new Annual Review discusses and analyses the long-term trends identified over the past twelve months and presents in-depth commentary from major data sources and guest contributors.

The Review provides wide-ranging commentary of the trends in Professional Staffing, not only in Australia and New Zealand but also across international markets - with analysis of possibilities for the year ahead.

Market intelligence and quality data analysis have always been highlighted as one of the most important resources that ITCRA has developed for Members, clients, Government and the broader market..

The Professional Staffing Trends Review captures ITCRA's unique SkillsMatch program, as well as contributions from Burning Glass, SEEK, Staffing Industry Analysts, HHMC and Hart Consulting Group, and with links to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Statistics New Zealand, World Bank, OECD, academia (both local and international) this one document has achieved the ultimate goal of the SkillsMatch program when it was launched more than ten years ago.

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ITCRA will no longer produce the ICT Employment Trends Report but instead release a quarterly infograph and the Annual Professional Staffing Trends Review.
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CT Employment Trends Reports click here

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