LabourInsight ANZ

LabourInsight ANZ - Bridging the gap in market intelligence

“High level intelligence for workforce development and planning, in real time, which will assist businesses

across Australia and New Zealand.”

APSCo Australia has been accessing data from LabourInsight for more than 12 months to provide the ICT Employment Trends Report with additional high level intelligence for workforce planning, client discussions and contractor rate cards to complement the unique APSCo Australia data collected through the SkillsMatch program.

The data highlights skills, knowledge, experience and education in demand as well as industries and occupations that are hiring. LabourInsight ANZ pieces together a comprehensive picture of national and local hiring activity, achieved by scouring websites including job and free boards, larger employers and businesses as well as Government advertising to present a unique picture of what roles are being advertised to drive the economies of Australia and New Zealand.

Why would my company use LabourInsight ANZ?

As talent managers and workforce developers contracting and recruitment companies play an important role in managing the information and discussions that occur with respect to the availability of talent to meet current and future business needs. Referencing internally surveyed data, using Government reports and other retrospective surveys does not provide a true forecast nor does it supply enough aggregation to be meaningful. Companies are finding that LabourInsight ANZ fills this intelligence gap which is why APSCo Australia has negotiated a special rate card for the recruitment and contracting sector – with an even better deal for APSCo Australia Members!

How does my company access LabourInsight ANZ?

Determine your company size and required number of licences then email OR to organise a trial and discuss your licence options.

More information on how LabourInsight ANZ is used by APSCo Australia and Members:

ITCRA’s ICT Employment Trends Report

A LabourInsight ANZ presentation in New Zealand in 2014

A LabourInsight ANZ presentation in Australia in 2014

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