The ANZ Remuneration Dashboard sits on a secure online business intelligence platform giving you access to remuneration metrics 24/7


The best part?


It's easy to participate and it takes as little as 15 minutes to prepare your remuneration data – depending on your business size and complexity. 


Once you sign up as a participant you receive a simple template to complete and return. There are just 3 compulsory data points that must be included for each of the 27 roles (you only need to complete data for the roles you have within your business).


Within 24 hours of submitting your data you will have access to your company dashboard which has 4 reports for each of the 27 roles that have been benchmarked.


You can access your dashboard through any internet connected device and this will be available to you until the FY19 data collection for your company is completed. Once you submit data to participate in the FY19 Report your company dashboard will be available/ updated and you will then see the trends that are occurring within the market for all benchmarked roles.


In short, the remuneration metrics that matter are always at your fingertips so you can leverage industry data to better manage your retention and hiring strategy.


You also receive a published Report for reference with additional analysis of employee benefits and mapping of market demand for roles in the sector.


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