Code of Conduct Complaint Form

APSCo Australia has a set of contractually binding rules that Members must adhere to, and processes to follow when a grievance is raised against their company or an individual within that company.  Grievances can be raised against an APSCo Australia Full or Affiliate Member using the Code of Conduct as a reference, by candidates, clients, all classes of APSCo Australia Members, non-Member companies or recruitment professionals.

The process and possible outcomes are articulated in the Association Rules – Chapter 6. The Code addresses Member behaviour and the Disciplinary and Dispute Procedures provide for determinations to improve such behaviours.

To raise a grievance with APSCo Australia re: a Member’s conduct the following steps need to be undertaken:

• Review the ITCRA Code of Conduct and determine which standard(s) of the Code it is believed the Member has not upheld.

• Confirm the company/individual is an APSCo Australia Member by checking the APSCo Australia Member Directory, APSCo Australia Affiliate Directory or contacting the APSCo Australia Secretariat.

• Complete the APSCo Australia Code of Conduct Grievance Lodgment Form outlining a summary of the Grievance and, if possible, make reference to the standard(s) in the Code that you believe has not been upheld.

APSCo Australia's Conduct Committee Manager will then be in contact to discuss the next steps in the process, including whether the grievance will be processed as conduct complaint and /or a dispute, mediation or whether the matter will be declined.

NOTE: APSCo Australia cannot rule in matters of a contractual nature, nor award compensation, but can direct Members to a mediation process. If you have any questions lodge a question here.

Details of APSCo Australia Member Company against which the grievance is raised

  • RechTech
  • VicSuper 1
  • Intech Bank
  • VicSuper 2
  • Plutus Payroll