The Vaccination Conversation: Part 2 - Understanding your WHS obligations

11:00am Wednesday, 29 September 2021
12:00pm Wednesday, 29 September 2021
Workplace Health Safety and Risk Webinars
At your desk
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Following on from our fireside chat with George Haros and Martin Richardson on the legal considerations regarding "vaccinations in the workplace" on September 15, please join APSCo Australia and Gallagher Workplace Risk for a discussion on the practical considerations for returning to the office, including understanding your WHS obligations, workers' compensation implications and strategies for implementing policies.

The team from Gallagher, Brianna Cattanach, Damien Stinson and Nicholas Cahill will discuss the following issues and questions, plus more:

  • Managing and supporting vaccine anxiety among employees returning to the office.
  • What do the safety regulators expect to see from businesses/workplaces?
  • What are the workers' compensation implications for businesses? E.g. In the case of an adverse reaction to a vaccine - what’s compensable?
  • What does a good return to work policy need to include?


Do you have a question you would like answered?

Please email Lesley with your question and we will provide the answer during our session. Q&A will also be available throughout the webinar.

Our Presenters

Brianna Cattanach
Principal, National Education & Training, Workplace Risk


As the lead of Gallagher’s national education and training services, Brianna has been integral in developing and facilitating a range of bespoke workforce education projects and training courses that ultimately drive improved productivity, cultural, financial and most importantly people outcomes for organisations. Her projects balance best practice content with engagement and ensure that organisational collaboration and buy-in are at the centre of achieving results in areas such as mental health and wellbeing, injury management, safety, aging workforce strategies, occupational violence and aggression, and team dynamics.


Damien Stinson
Practice Leader, Safety Eastern Region
Damien has over 15 years’ experience in the provision of risk management strategies for business. In that time he has assisted his clients in managing people risk, operational risk, corporate governance, and compliance. This is across a landscape of insurable and non-insurable risks and across a broad range of industries and sectors.
Manager of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships,
Workplace Risk


Nick joined Gallagher in 2020 as Workplace Risk’s Manager of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships. Nick’s role involves understanding the emerging needs and trends of our clients and staying across the directives and expectations of our insurance and regulatory partners when it comes to all things health, safety, and people. Nick brings to this role five years working inside one of the scheme agents in Victoria, also in a Business Development capacity. Prior to moving to Victoria, Nick has worked in NSW as both a General Insurance Broker, Workers Compensation Case Manager and holds a Diploma of Financial Planning (Life Insurance).


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