Providing meaningful employment for individuals with disabilities

12:00pm Wednesday, 30 October 2019
12:45pm Wednesday, 30 October 2019
At your desk
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Recently APSCo Australia Directors were privileged to attend an engaging and highly informative presentation outlining some innovative models to consider employing individuals with a disability in the workforce.

The Centre for Positive Behaviour Support (CPBS) recognises that many individuals struggle to find meaningful work and are often expected to work for free through work experience programs, by volunteering or by accessing payment schemes that pay others to give them work.

Through its program, want to show that there are many individuals who can be valued members of the workforce and be paid.  All they want is to be a contributing member of society. The Directors were unified in their desire to understand more of how they could be involved as employers and work with CPBS to deliver positive outcomes and agreed we need to spread this concept through our sector.

Sarah McCluskey is an engaging and committed speaker on this subject – Julie and she will address some of the questions asked as well as outline the opportunities and hopefully, have some organisations make a difference. This program is for everyone in business – recruiters, suppliers and your clients. 

Subject Matter Presenters:

Julie Mills, Managing Director, APSCo Australia

Sarah Mccluskey, Behaviour Specialist and Provisional Psychologist, Centre of Positive Behaviour Support (CPBS)


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