Head to Head – putting mental health in the spotlight

12:00pm Wednesday, 3 June 2020
1:30pm Wednesday, 3 June 2020
Information Session
Sydney, New South Wales 2000

APSCo is proud to present a unique learning experience for Members and friends on workplace mental health.

This zoom session will commence with a short play which addresses depression and mental illness – conditions which, if talked about more openly, can reduce stigma.

Following the play, a conversation will ensue with our expert panellists about how COVID-19 is affecting mental health in our workplaces and what strategies we can put in place to respond to and manage these issues.

All proceeds of registration will go to support a new charitable foundation called the United Project, whose primary objective is to promote positive mental health in employees.

If you would like to donate to The United Project's GoFundMe page, please click here


My Dog Has Stripes - A play about Mental Health
Presented by HealthPlay

Three clinicians meet to discuss their case loads, unaware that one among them is struggling with his own mental health, and in need of help.

HealthPlay, led by Australian actor and playwright Alan Hopgood AM, has spent 20 years developing and delivering plays, providing real life stories, using a subtle blend of drama and comedy.

My Dog has Stripes tells the story of professionals in the workplace, one of whom has depression. This short play addresses depression and mental illness – conditions which, if talked about more openly, can reduce their stigma.

The performance provides powerful lessons in personal development and wellbeing.



Rachel Bowes - Lifeline
Head of Crisis Services and Quality

Rachel Bowes is the Head of Crisis Services and Quality at Lifeline Australia. She has clinical responsibility for all Lifeline services, including the development and delivery of the Crisis Support Service, which currently receives around 1 million contacts per year from Australians in crisis or at risk of suicide. Rachel has professional and post graduate qualifications in Mental Health Nursing and Counselling, and has spent over 20 years working in public, private and not for profit mental health services in the UK and Australia. Rachel has worked in and managed acute community and inpatient mental health services across both urban and rural communities. Prior to joining Lifeline in early 2018, Rachel spent several years delivering and managing services providing digital mental health, counselling and human services, and understands the unique challenges of providing mental health care through non face-to-face channels.



David Westgate - Westgate & Friends
Mental Health Speaker 

David has worked in advertising for 35-years. All while suffering from a rollercoaster-like mental illness known as bipolar 1.

So he knows what it’s like to be driven by anxieties so strong he sacrificed countless weekends to needless work; to be so sleep deprived, his keyboard sometimes resembled a soft downy pillow. And to perform brilliantly in a boardroom one moment, only to find himself crying quietly in a toilet cubicle the next.

David is also a keynote speaker for the Black Dog Institute and has spoken to organisations such as the NSW Law Society Australian Road Transport Industry, the CEO Institute, the Treasury and even the Friends and Family of Missing People Police Unit.

He’s also a qualified instructor for Mental Health First Aid, serves on an action group for the Australian insurer TAL. David has been interviewed by the Australian Financial Review and appeared on the SBS show Insight and has created a workplace program, Club20.



Sarah Hellwege - SuperFriend
Psychologist and L&D Solutions – Super & Workplaces specialist

Sarah Hellwege is a registered Psychologist and Workplace Mental Health Consultant who has extensive experience working alongside businesses to build psychologically safe and healthy workplaces.

Sarah has consulted, coached, and facilitated across industry sectors including; Department Education and Training, Department of Health and Human Service, VicPol, Australian Federal Police, Australian Taxation Office, Border Force, Air Services, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Aust Post.

Sarah acknowledges the important opportunity to deliver simple and easy to digest messages on psychological health to the widespread workforce with the aim of promoting positive and flourishing working environments, while driving business gains.

Sarah brings her business background in the development, delivery and facilitation of targeted solutions and interventions to build, sustain and support psychologically safe and healthy working environments.

Sarah is well regarded by her clients for her energy, vigour and synthesis in strategic thinking and business application; together with her person-centred approach.




April Marcot - Talent
Head of People and Culture

April Marcot is a People and Culture leader with 18 years’ experience across the digital, media, wholesale and professional services industries. Her commitment to improving the employee experience has resulted in strong business results at both large global companies and start-ups.

As Head of People and Culture at Talent, April has overall responsibility for the development and execution of the strategic people plan to further improve engagement and performance across the business. April and her team are focused on the implementation of pragmatic people strategies that deliver tangible business results. Particular interests are health, wellbeing and diversity and inclusion in line with the 100% Human at Work movement in Australia.



Leora Sifris - Sentio Health
Accredited Practising Dietitian

Leora is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with extensive experience in private practice, working with clients to improve their physical and mental health through diet and nutrition.

Leora is positive, empathetic and understands that change can be challenging. She promotes mindfulness and encourages her clients to practice intuitive and mindful eating. Leora continues to advocate for the provision of mental health services and promotes the important role that access to appropriate mental health care plays, particularly emerging evidence that a healthy way of eating is associated with improved stress management, sleep and better mental wellbeing.



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