Curating a strong personal brand – How to generate more revenue with less effort

11:15am Wednesday, 14 November 2018
1:30pm Wednesday, 14 November 2018
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It’s obvious, recruiters with strong personal brands generate more revenue with less effort. However, consistently doing the basics well and then dedicating time to developing your own brand, is a challenge shared by most recruiters.


In this session, Chris South, Managing Director of recruitment marketing agency, Prominence, will provide a range of practical advice for recruiters on how to elevate both their own brand and their company brand.


As you would expect, he will cover branding fundamentals, such as key LinkedIn profile information, however the session is primarily focused on proactively building a brand (online and offline) and how you as a recruiter can empower yourself, your colleagues and your company.


Key Learnings:


    1. The branding basics

    2. Getting your colleagues and teams involved

    3. Minimising risk

    4. Tracking and incentivising progress


Who Should Attend:


This session is designed for: Recruiters and recruitment staff of all levels: From Beginners to Consultants, Managers, and beyond. 


Presenter: Chris South, Managing Director, Prominence








Having spent a number of years recruiting in New Zealand, Chris successfully transitioned into recruitment management, before relocating to the USA to run a new recruitment business. This move resulted in him accidently finding his true calling: recruitment marketing. He returned home and after six months of market research and self-education, he established Prominence, the region’s first dedicated Recruitment Marketing Agency.

An established public speaker, Chris has been actively talking about marketing and recruiter personal branding for nearly five years. In this time both topics have evolved greatly (he is only too happy to tell those that still think Tweeting five times a day is important, that they are now well and truly wrong!) but having and maintaining a strong personal brand has remained just as important as ever.


Based in Auckland, Chris travels to Australia monthly to meet new and existing clients, meaning he has a lot of air miles (and has also seen every new film release), along with a comprehensive understanding of both the New Zealand and Australian recruitment sectors.  


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Price includes a light lunch.


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$110.00 *
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