The Craft of Recruitment - Owning the moments of truth that matter (MELBOURNE)

8:15am Thursday, 21 November 2019
1:15pm Thursday, 21 November 2019
The Art Centre Pavilion
100 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne, Victoria 3004

APSCo Australia, in collaboration with Greg Savage, author of 'The Savage Truth' autobiography, present an APSCo Premium Masterclass Series concluding in Melbourne on the 21st of November 2019.

Greg, a fixture in the industry known for his talents as an author, recruitment business growth specialist, board advisor, consultant, keynote speaker and one of LinkedIn's 'Top Voices' 2018, bringing more than 40 years of experience across recruitment and leadership, will deliver an all encompassing Masterclass for recruiters. Registered participants will benefit from Greg's unique and well tested best practice strategies for end to end recruiting before taking home their own copy of 'The Savage Truth' book.

What to Expect:

Recruitment is on the cusp of significant change, but it will not die anytime soon. AI and automation will undoubtedly absorb all the mundane tasks that recruiters do now. But all that does is free great recruiters up to do even better those things that only humans can do.

And so these are the skills recruiters must excel at to have value and to thrive.  

Influencing, persuading, advising, consulting, networking and building reputation and brand.

Recruiters must be real strategy advisors to clients and trusted Agents for the best talent.

So great recruiters excel at the craft of recruitment. 

Greg calls these ‘the moments of truth’ in recruitment because it’s in those interactions that outcomes can be influenced for the greater good.

This masterclass is a must for all desk recruiters, temp or perm. They will come away with skills that will enhance their confidence, self-esteem and billings

The content will be wide-ranging but will include crucial advice and techniques to master these;

  • The concept of ‘recruiter equity.’
  • Getting your attitude right to really ‘consult.’
  • Owning the moments of truth in recruitment
  • The great future of Agency recruitment.
  • Running a great sales meeting
  • Qualifying the Job Order
  • Winning job order exclusivity
  • Presenting the Shortlist
  • Preparing Client for the candidate interview
  • Debrief Client after the candidate interview
  • Client prep for Final interview
  • Negotiating the offer with the client
  • Definition of a placeable candidate
  • Key consultant skills in the first interview
  • Isolating real motivators to move
  • Candidate commitment and the counter-offer
  • Unique candidates and exclusivity
  • Prepping the Candidate for client interview
  • Debriefing candidate after the Client interview
  • Preparing and making an offer
  • Post offer finesse

According to Greg, your entire team should attend. Newbies and veterans and everyone in between will benefit as they hone the skills that make a real difference.

APSCo Australia is the recognised authority for professional staffing & recruitment companies, supporting Members to unlock the potential of the modern workforce.


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$325.00 *
$325.00 *
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