Certification Webinar: Leading the Candidate Process

Recruitment is about people.

Unpredictable, mind-changing, back-peddling, selective-memory, volatile people.

How often have you dealt with the frustration of a candidate:

  • taking a counter offer,
  • not showing for interview,
  • taking a completely different role,
  • being claimed by your competitor, or
  • dropping off the radar completely?

If this sounds all too familiar, then you need to join us for this webinar!

We can’t control people – but we can lead them through a process managed by us on our terms.
We can influence behaviours, identify the dangers and proactively avoid unfavourable outcomes.

In this webinar we gain control over our process through:

  • Understanding why placements fall over
  • Identifying viable candidates
  • Building relationships with trust
  • Managing expectations
  • Spotting the warning signs
  • Gaining commitment

You will receive

  • A recorded copy of the completed webinar
  • Post webinar handout including key resources and post-webinar activities

This webinar is suitable for anyone who is new to recruitment or is looking for fresh ideas.

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Your Presenter

Chantal Brockman from Fusion Training has lived and breathed recruitment for over a decade, growing rookie recruiters into industry experts, helping consultants and managers to step up their game and assisting recruitment businesses to increase their revenue, profitability and market profile.

Her training is designed to be implemented immediately on your desk, with simple effectiveness – to ensure it is sustainable beyond the classroom or webinar. She takes a tailored approach to each recruiter’s development, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Date Tuesday 21st March 2017

Time 12.00PM - 12.45PM ASDT

Registrations Open 18th Jan 17 12:00 AM

Registrations Close 21st Mar 17 9:00 AM

Places Available 15

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