Government's Review of employment legislation - we have you covered with iEngage Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

In this week’s webinar Dianne will outline the iEngage tool which has proved so popular with APSCo Members in mapping their contracting supply chain and how it sets a benchmark for affirmative action rather than the current trend of increasing sanctions.

Providing meaningful employment for individuals with disabilities Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

The Centre for Positive Behaviour Support (CPBS) recognises that many individuals struggle to find meaningful work and are often expected to work for free through work experience programs, by volunteering or by accessing payment schemes that pay others to give them work.

Employment Relations Round Up Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Australia has more regulation and need for compliance in the employment sector than most countries in the world and this immediately translates to our sector.  This regulation is not keeping pace with the transformation of the modern workforce.

Fair Work Amendment (Casual Loading Offset) Regulations 2018 Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Julie Mills will discuss the implications of this for the professional staffing sector and also consider the question of written or verbal employment contracts.

A snapshot of contracting Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Our subject matter advisers will be re-visiting work undertaken by the Association more than two years ago and how it is influencing where we are today

Casual conversion, Domestic violence: Keeping up with Modern Awards Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Join Dianne Gibert and Alicja Giardini from Certex International and Peterson Collarde from Employsure as they discuss best practice management of casual conversion requests and provide information on implementing domestic violence policies and procedures to support the new clauses in Modern Awards.

So what's behind your contracts Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Join APSCo Australia Managing Director Julie Mills and her subject matter specialists who will take a high-level approach to ensuring you can ask the right questions when reviewing your key contracts in relation to these timely topics.

Can I adjust my hours to suit my changed travel arrangements please Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

This discussion will focus on the important considerations around requests for flexible working arrangements, the controls and requirements that are needed and, more importantly does flexibility extend as far as when and where.

Unfair Dismissals Your responsibilities explained Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Join APSCo Australia Managing Director Julie Mills and her subject matter experts Dianne Gibert, Peterson Collard and Chris Russell as they explore how the multi-faceted responsibility arrangements that APSCo Members have to manage (client, candidate and other providers) can be strengthened to ensure unfair dismissal is not an issue for their business.

Recording from Bartier Perry: Out of hours do matter Members only $0 


Recording from Bartier Perry: Complaint handling in the modern workplace: doing it better Members only $0 

Recording from Bartier Perry: Modern Slavery Laws and Sustainable Supply Chains Members only $0