Remuneration data is one of the most frequently asked questions from business owners and managers. For a number of years, staffing and recruitment organisations have been seeking more detailed remuneration data for the ANZ recruitment sector. Now here is the opportunity to have the data and more!

APSCo, in collaboration with HHMC International and Staffing Industry Metrics has developed a new, redesigned data collection, dashboard and report process that is now open for all of industry participation.  


Participating companies will have access to an online dashboard as well as a detailed Remuneration Report providing strong analytics and benchmarking of remuneration data and benefits for like businesses (by headcount) and across verticals.

The dashboard and Remuneration Report will detail remuneration patterns and employee benefits in the professional staffing and recruitment sector in a new and engaging format.


The data will be collated on the global business intelligence platform of Staffing Industry Metrics, analysed by HHMC using their Staffing Industry Analysts background and have input from our Professional Staffing Trends Burning Glass relationship to provide a truly unique report.

An accessible, interactive dashboard combined with detailed documentation of the trends in remuneration in this sector will ensure every participating company has the best of real time benchmarks to lead the way in the attraction and retention of staff in this highly competitive market.



Options for purchase

Members who wish to participate and receive the remuneration report at a cost of $750 (plus GST) Click here 

Non-members who wish to participate and receive the remuneration report at a cost of $1500 (plus GST) Click here