APSCo Australia offers individual e-learning modules, available for purchase by Members and Non-Members, to support compliance and sales excellence in your business and across the entire Australian recruitment industry.

The 6 modules currently available make up the content of the APSCo Certified Recruitment Professional Program. The first 3 modules are available now, with 3 more due to land in September 2020.

Purchase a standalone module for 5 of your team members at a 10% discount or 10 to receive 20% off. See individual module purchase pages for details.

For more information about becoming certified under the APSCo Certified Recruitment Professional Program, visit the Recruitment Professional Certification Program.

For any questions, contact membership@apscoau.org.

Benefits of learning with APSCo

Learn at your pace with bite size portions. APSCo's individual subject matter modules include their own module exams, with each student receiving a module certificate upon completion. With the ability to pause and replay the video content and up to 3 attempts at the exam, you can enrol in a single module and complete it at your own pace.
Learn in your style. APSCo recognises that students best absorb information in varied ways. Our new modules have been built to cater for students who prefer to learn by seeing, reading and for those who want a more classroom style feel. Our content is delivered in video format with an animated guide which can be viewed with or without sound, based on your preference.
Learn your way with a brand new format of delivery that is adaptive to most modern platforms, enabling you to study anywhere and any way that suits you. The video content and exam will both display seamlessly on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone.
Learn as you need with the 6 new modules that make up the Certification now being individually purchasable. This means you can enrol yourself, or all of your team and either invest in the program or just fill knowledge gaps in your business as they arise.
Learn and go. New module content is supported by notifications to all enrolled students upon any change to the module. This means your Certificate will never expire and there are no renewals required. Simply complete the module and if anything changes, we will let you know.
Learn and grow with more to come. In an ever changing and evolving environment, APSCo is committed to growing our learning facilities in 2021 and beyond to include further study and development options to support our Recruitment Professionals in managing their career pathways.

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