Serious about Standards

As a Membership Association, is a company limited by guarantee and as such is governed by a Constitution.

All Members, on acceptance into the Association commit to being bound by the Constitution, Rules & Guidelines

The APSCo Australia Board of Directors has a Governance Manual – a summary of which is available here.

The most comprehensive Guideline is the Code of Conduct.

APSCo Australia's Code of Conduct – the Professional Practice Standard for all Members

The Code of Conduct outlines a standard of conduct that all classes of APSCo Global Members in Australia must meet. It states the commitment to ethical and professional practice expected of APSCo Australia Members and more specifically outlines the standards regarding key relationships with other APSCo Global Members in Australia, jobseekers and clients.

Is the Code of Conduct enforceable?

Behaviour that breaches the Code of Conduct may result in the imposition of sanctions of the type provided by the rules that govern APSCo Australia as an incorporated entity under relevant state and Commonwealth law.

When a Member joins APSCo Australia they agree to abide by the standard of conduct outlined in the Code of Conduct and Members are advised to view the Code of Conduct Overview document.

Members can also download:

1. Keys to Managing a Professional and Ethical Transition - For Members Jan 2017

2. Keys to Managing a Professional and Ethical Transition - For Clients Jan 2017

How do I make a complaint if I believe a Member has breached the Code of Conduct?

Complaints can be submitted to the APSCo Australia Code of Conduct Committee by completing the Code of Conduct Grievance Lodgement Form . Please ensure you read all instructions at the start of the form before lodging.

NOTE: APSCo Australia cannot rule in matters of a contractual nature but can direct Members to a mediation process. If you have any questions lodge a question here.

Business Standard

The Diagnostic service provides a phone interview to review Members’ understanding of the requirements for contracting and recruitment industry best practice and to review legislative compliance. This is a one hour review, during which an independent consultant discusses your company’s understanding and practices and procedures in a number of key areas including:

  • Employment screening
  • Candidate management
  • Client management·
  • Workplace safety management
  • Taxation and insurance
  • Privacy​

The APSCo Australia logo is an assurance of quality in contracting and recruitment services as well as indicative of a business committed to ethical best practice.​

For more information on APSCo Australia's Standards Program click here

Professional Standard

APSCo Au Certified Recruitment Professional

APSCo Australia Certified Recruitment Professionals are recognised as having successfully completed an external Certification examination addressing the seven key knowledge areas:

  • Regulation & APSCo Au Code of Conduct
  • Legislation and Compliance
  • Contract Templates and Modern Awards
  • Employment
  • Recruitment Skills
  • Specialised Sector Knowledge
  • Reference Checking

Look for the APSCo Au Certified Recruitment Professional logo as assurance of individual professionalism in recruitment and dedication to ethical practice.
For more information on APSCo Australia's Certification program click here.

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