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ITCRA has prepared the following company description that can be used by media and other companies when referring to ITCRA.

ITCRA (Information Technology Contract & Recruitment Association Ltd) is the professional body for the ICT and white collar professional contracting and recruitment sector in Australia and New Zealand. ITCRA Members supply and/or manage white collar professional talent (primarily ICT) on behalf of their clients for permanent and flexible roles, including contracting, across Australia and New Zealand as well as multiple international markets.

The ITCRA logo is available for use in line with the terms and conditions below. Once the online form has been submitted agreeing to these terms the logos will be available.

For more information please contact ITCRA Brand and Communications Manager - Lauren Jensen T: +61 3 8622 4700 or or CEO - Julie Mills T: +61 3 8622 4771 or


  • The ITCRA logo is made up of a single colour Blue or Black, and can only be produced on a white background. (Blue – PMS 282 or C:95 M:78 Y:29 K:15)
  • If the ITCRA logo must be used on a black or similar colour background a white version of the logo is available on request.
  • At no time should the logo’s proportions, colours or elements be modified. No changes to colours are acceptable.
  • No other words can be use in conjunction with or to supplement the logo
  • The ITCRA logo should be used with a minimum 5mm exclusion zone to avoid overcrowding
  • If a Member resigns or the Membership expires the ITCRA Member logo must be removed within 21 days from all collateral.
  • No attempt should be made to alter or add to the logo to suggest, infer or state that ITCRA sponsors or endorses the Member in any way other than to promote the Association/General Member relationship that actually exists between the Association and the General Member.
  • Whenever the ITCRA logo is displayed on a webpage or within a document the enables hyperlinks there must be a direct link provided to the ITCRA website (

ITCRA Advertising Rates

ITCRA has a variety of advertising options to profile your business to our Members and the ICT industry. Download our rate card here.

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