Can ITCRA help me find work?

ITCRA is not a recruitment agency and as such does not provide recruitment services or make job placements. ITCRA represents IT recruitment agencies throughout Australia and New Zealand. For a full list of recruitment agencies that are current ITCRA Members and may be able to assist you finding a job, please refer to our Members Directory.

How do I contact ITCRA?

The ITCRA office is located at Suite 1022, Level 10, Tower 4, World Trade Centre, 611 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3005 Telephone: + 61 (0)3 8622 4700 Fax: +61 (0)3 9600 1950 Email: info@itcra.com or submit a Contact Us form .

How do I find a list of ITCRA Members?

For a full listing of current ITCRA Member companies refer to our Members Directory. To contact our Supporter Members, refer to our Supporter Directory.

How do I make a complaint against an ITCRA Member company?

To make a complaint against an ITCRA Member Company please see our Serious about Standards page and complete a Code of Conduct Grievance Lodgement Form

How do I become a Member?

To become an ITCRA member you need to complete a Membership application form. Membership applications are reviewed for acceptance and applicants will be notified. More information, pricing and applications can be found on our Becoming an ITCRA Member page.

I am currently overseas, how do I find ICT jobs in Australia?

To work in Australia you will need to be either an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or hold a current working visa. For more information on living and working in Australia please contact the Department of Immigration & Citizenship .

What does ITCRA stand for?

Information Technology Contract & Recruitment Association Ltd.

What is the ITCRA Code of Conduct?

The ITCRA Code of Conduct provides members of the Association with a framework in which to operate their business in a professional and ethical manner.

Who can apply to become an ITCRA Member?

  • General Members – corporate entities who participate wholly, or as part of a larger business, in ICT contract and recruitment activity across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Business Members - Australian and New Zealand companies who actively participate in the supply/management of professional talent in the contract and recruitment sector generally – this includes RPO, MSP, CMC’s and, internal recruitment teams.
  • Certified Professional Members - for individuals in the contract and recruitment sector wishing to invest in professional development and ensure their knowledge of the Code of Conduct, ICT and professional talent requirements, recruitment skills and legislation is kept updated.‚Äč ITCRA also has a recognition program for service including Honorary and Life Membership.
  • Special Member (Supporter) – for companies and individuals who supply products and services to the ICT contract and recruitment sector and want to be recognised by the market as specialist service providers (such as legal and IT services).
  • APostive Cashflow
  • SACS Consulting
  • RechTech
  • Arthur J Gallagher Life Solutions
  • VicSuper