APSCo Au Board and Committee Overview

APSCo Au Board and Committees Overview

Board Structure

In line with good governance principles, the Board of Directors of APSCo Australia believes that it is essential for its structure to reflect the need for independence, transparency and flexibility.

The Directors representing members need to be representative of the recognised segments of the Membership: multi-national, national, specialist, generalist and multi-service as well as small, medium and large business.

The Board will have at least six and not more than eight Directors unless extraordinary circumstances require an additional co-option.

The Board will have:

Six Directors representing Members elected by the Members with the elected term being two years.
Two Directors co-opted by the Board to ensure balanced industry representation and continuity. The Board may action further co-options under special resolution if all Directors agree. NOTE: For further details refer to Clause 6 of the APSco Au Constitution

APSCo Au's current Board of Directors

Member Committee and Working Group Structure

In line with a positive Member engagement culture the Board of APSCo Au believes that it is essential for a strong location or sector based Committee and Working Group structure to be maintained – not just for networking but to ensure issues are addressed with some immediacy and the Members across Australia and New Zealand have an opportunity to engage in structured meetings to support the work of the Board, the CEO’s Circle and the Secretariat.

Any like-minded group of APSCo Au members may, with the approval of the Directors, establish a Member Committee or Working Group for the purposes of:

ensuring local and issue based matters receive due attention.
assist with the implementation of the strategic direction of the Company and /or any of its Programs.

A Member Committee/Working Group must have at least four Members and, unless an exemption is granted, a Board Director cannot be the chairperson.

A Member Committee/Working Group must meet at least four times a year – using any form of meeting style ( face to face or online)

A Member Committee/Working Group will always include a nominee from the Secretariat.

With the approval of the Board and subject to the Committee Rules outlined in the APSCo Au Rules, and such conditions as the Board may impose, a person who is not a Member may be co-opted to participate on a Committee established under the Committee Rules to assist as the Committee sees fit.

The location based Committees:

QLD, ACT, NSW, VIC, SA and WA. APSCo Au plans to re-activate the New Zealand Committee in the near future.

The Strategy based Committees:

SkillsMatch, Professional Development, Membership, Standards,

The Working Groups:

  • ACT Payroll Tax
  • QLD Resource Manager
  • Workers’ Compensation (national)
  • NSW Procurement
  • Immigration
  • Interactive Manpower Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • VicSuper 2
  • SACS Consulting
  • Arthur J Gallagher Life Solutions
  • Intech Bank