Is your Business Succession adequate? $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Financial Adviser Matthew Aitchison joins Julie Mills on Across the MD's Desk to help Members understand the needs for adequate Business Succession Planning. 

Defining the Future - Doing business on your terms Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Martin Richardson from Corvus Legal will join Julie Mills,  to discuss the challenges facing every business when reviewing Terms of Business.

The intersection of Codes of Conduct and whistleblowers Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

James Mattson, Partner Bartier Perry Lawyers and Julie Mills, APSCo Managing Director will, in this webinar, discuss the focus of the new whistleblower regime – which has, as its core focus, corporate wrongdoing.

Modern Slavery Bill - New requirements for firms in the supply chain Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

The Modern Slavery Bill, and its reporting requirements, came into effect on January 1st, 2019 and is part of a world-wide response to the exploitation of labour in supply chains.

Are you and your business ready for Single Touch Payroll? Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

With a commencement date of 1 July 2018, ensure you and your business are ready to comply with the ATO’s mandatory reporting system, Single Touch Payroll.

Defining the Future webinar - How do you value your business Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

In this session Rod Hore and Julie Mills will discuss the important factors that are essential to build your company to be both valuable and attractive to an external organisation.

Defining the Future webinar - How robust is your business strategy Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Nigel Harse will use current, real time data from Staffing Industry Metrics Dashboard to discuss business strategies for the key metrics that deliver financial success and commercial longevity.

QLD Labour Hire Licence Holders – time to report Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

The first companies to receive labour hire licences in QLD will soon be due to report, as per the requirements of the regulations.

The Professional Indemnity Insurance Tug of War Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

The webinar will identify the possible drivers for this demand and some points to consider in any conversations that may occur and, ultimately, decisions that may need to be made.

Untangling the chain of on-hire for Workers’ Compensation Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

When there are multiple interposed entities understanding the site and systems protocols for assessment and review have provided numerous challenges for iSafe over the past 6 years.

Workers’ Compensation and your company Part 1 Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Under the Workers’ Compensation Act in ACT, only the entity deemed to be the employer, under the Act, can initiate workers’ compensation coverage for their workers.

Workers’ Compensation and your company Part 2 Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Join APSCo Australia as we unpack the next section of the ACT Workers' Compensation seminar and provide advice on the best way to address the questions raised.

Your clients and Modern Slavery - what is expected Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

This webinar will introduce a policy all APSCo Members can access as well as some key points to be highlighted in discussions with clients.

TPAR and the Black Economy Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

On September 13th, APSCo Australia shared an update from ATO Assistant Commissioner, Peter Holt, regarding the Taxable Payments Reporting System (TPRS) that took effect on July 1st 2019.