The Program

APSCo Australia’s Recruitment Professional Certification Program delivers a self-managed, resource rich, knowledge-based Certification program that empowers consultants to have confidence in their understanding of the complex elements of compliance when managing talent and clients. The Certification Program is designed to inform and update recruiters throughout their career, from new talent entering the profession through to the more seasoned recruiter - equipping them with the compliance knowledge and support to significantly drive their conversations with clients and candidates to achieve best practice processes to support commercial success.


What is involved?

For the potential APSCo Australia Recruitment Professional

There are six areas of study including an essential subject matter reading and additional references including webinar recordings. The resources have all been developed by legal advisers and reviewed by recruitment professionals. They are revised and updated with changing legislation to ensure certified APSCo Australia Recruitment Professionals have the most current knowledge at their fingertips. The Certification will be awarded following the successful completion of an online open book examination with 50 questions to be completed in 75 minutes. The examination must be completed within THREE months of registration with the Program. The questions are multiple choice or short answer responses and are randomly selected from over two hundred questions in the examination portal – so no two exams are the same. 

The Program consists of the following essential subject matter:

• The Australian Workplace Migration System

• Regulation incl Licensing & the APSCo Australia Code of Conduct

• Employment incl Contracts and Modern Awards·       

• Privacy

• Equal Employment Opportunity and anti-Discrimination

• Work Health & Safety

• Reference Checking 

APSCo Australia supports the study by providing:

• additional resources as they become available

• alerts when new materials or legislative changes occur

• newsletters and webinars with sample exam questions and study tips

• mentor access for advice and support 


NOTE: APSCo Australia’s Recruitment Professional Certification is a “living” recognition based on legislative and compliance knowledge so there is an annual renewal examination (30 questions) to ensure your knowledge is current. The renewal fee is $110.00 GST inclusive and includes notification of renewal date and continued access to the readings and legislative updates in order to prepare for the renewal examination.


How to participate?

As a company:

1. Member companies can purchase Recruitment Professional Certification packs for individual or groups of employees.

2. Once purchased, please decide who will be nominated to be involved in the Certification Program and notify so they can be registered in the program and have access to the materials.

3. Registered students have a period of 3 months to complate the exam successfully.

4. Additional examinations can be purchased at any time to increase the number of Certified Professionals in your company.

5. Ensure those studying understand there is ONE opportunity to re-sit the exam if the pass rate is not achieved – at a fee of $175.00 GST inclusive

6. Encourage currently recognised consultants to complete their renewal program to ensure their status remains active.


Individuals can: 

Individuals who are employees of Member companies can purchase the pack, providing access to the essential subject matter and readings, the study support program and to the examination.

What happens next?

Once you have been nominated by your company or personally purchased the exam you will be provided with access to the study materials and ultimately your exam.

Purchase an exam 

Recruitment Professional Certification Study Pack and Exam

Recruitment Professional Certification Sample Exam Questions

Re-sit Recruitment Professional Certification Exam

Renew Recruitment Professional Certification