Labour Hire Licensing - Positive Conversation with clients Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Julie Mills and Dianne Gibert want to share with attendees today some of the questions that clients have been asking them about licensing, some of the concerns they have about how it will impact them if they get it wrong.

Your questions answered on licensing Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

In this webinar Julie and Dianne will provide clarity relating to a number of questions submitted by Members to the Licensing Support Service.

The licensing smorgasbord Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

This webinar will re-visit the labour hire licensing matrix in light of the recent announcement by the South Australian Government to re-introduce their scheme.

I Object Your Honour- no licence should be issued Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

This webinar will assist companies to understand what objections might be received against your application, who can object, and how you can prepare to manage possible objections.

Cross border workers, at home workers. host locations and labour hire licensing Victoria Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

This webinar will focus in more detail on the nature of workers captured under the licensing scheme as well as the breadth and detail of client locations.

Police Checks and Labour Hire Licensing Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

This webinar will outline what a criminal check is, what is revealed, spent convictions, the importance of providing enough information for the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) to process the check effectively

The clock is ticking - are you license ready? Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

APSCo Australia Managing Director, Julie Mills will be joined by Dianne Gibert, Managing Director of Certex International to discuss the additional support that has been added to APSCo’s Labour Hire License Preparation program to ensure companies don’t miss a key step in the application process.

From another perspective - labour hire licensing engagement scenarios Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Entity Solutions, APSCo Australia’s latest Profile Affiliate, has been delivering some sell out seminars on labour hire licensing across the country.

Through the licensing lens Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Time for a chat about labour hire licensing, perhaps? Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

State Governments have now released their regulations for licensing schemes for the labour-hire sector with applications open and commencement dates in place for Queensland and South Australia.

Ready, Set, Go - Be first across the Labour Hire License Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

This webinar will assist companies to understand the requirements of applying for a licence, the verifications required and the implications of not being licensed.

Unravelling the fit and Proper Person Test Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

In the first of our labour-hire licensing preparation webinars, we will unravel what the “Fit and Proper” Person Test is and determine what you need to know.

Understanding your license reporting requirements Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

This webinar will assist companies to understand the requirements for capturing, retrieving and supplying information for licence reporting requirements. This will be be vital, along with policies and procedures.